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Frequently Asked Questions

We've created this FAQ, to help with the most common questions we receive. PLEASE take a moment to review this before e-mailing with your question, to make sure the answer isn't already here. Thanks!

This page will most likely grow as the rest of our site has, so keep checking back! And thanks again to everyone for your support!

Part 1: Ordering

Q: Can you just send me my product now and bill me later?
A: Afraid not, sorry! We will need to receive payment in full before we can send you your order. No CODs! We accept personal check, money orders, and all major credit cards (this now includes American Express). We will hold your order for 10 days to give your payment enough time to arrive here.

Q: Can I pay for my mail order with PayPal?
A: Unfortunately we can't accept PayPal, sorry!

Q: Can I pay for my mail order with cash?
A: Yes. But trust us, we have this policy to protect you as well as us. If your order gets lost in the mail (which HAS happened), then you have no way of getting your money back and we can't be held responsible for lost money.

You can get a money order at your local post office or convenience store, usually for under a dollar. By sending your money this way, you can then get a refund if it gets lost.

Q: How much is shipping and handling?
A: Shipping and handling is $5.00 if ordering one item, $6.00 if ordering two or three items, and $7.00 if ordering four or more items. All items are sent via the USPS Priority Mail. Shipping rates have recently increased but we are attempting to keep them as low as possible. These rates include shipping expenses as well as packing materials like bubble wrap. We also offer delivery confirmation for an extra .50 cents.

Q: Do I have to pay an extra shipping fee on top of the regular shipping rate for a poster or wall scroll like at some other sites?
A: No, even though a wall scroll is larger and may have to ship by itself, the flat shipping rate still applies, so there are no extra shipping charges over the regular shipping charges. Please keep in mind though that since it will have to be shipped by itself, one of the boxes may arrive a day earlier than the other, even though we mail them out on the same day!

Q: Why do you use Priority Mail for shipping?
A: Since we offer such a wide variety of products including wall scrolls and toys that can get very expensive using other shipping services, we have determined that using Priority Mail is the most economical method available on average.

Q: Is there sales tax on my order?
A: Only if you have your item shipped to Pennsylvania. At present that is the only state we have to charge sales tax for since we are located there. It is the standard 6% rate.

Q: Can I still use your shopping cart program if I want to pay with a check, or do I have to use a credit card?
A: Our Shopping Cart will allow you to select "Check or Money Order" as a payment option, so you can still use it if you're not paying with a credit card! You can also use this option if you wanted to call in your credit card information instead of entering it on-line.

Q: Do you have a catalog?
A: Not any more, sorry. We had to discontinue the catalog due to the speed at which availability of merchandise changes. The web site is the best place to go for a list of our products.

Q: How many of this item do you have in stock?
This is one of those questions that it's impossible to give an accurate answer to. For example, we could have an entire case full of an item in stock when you ask, but it could have all sold out by the time you read our response. Or we may only have one left, and then more could arrive back in stock earlier than we expected.

Q: What is your backorder policy?
A: We're now receiving weekly restock shipments of our CDs, manga Graphic Novels and videos, so these items may still be listed on the website even though they've temporarily sold out. If you order one of these items and it's out of stock, your order may be held for up to four weeks while we wait for the out of stock item to arrive, or you may receive a partial shipment first and the remaining out of stock item later as a second shipment at no extra shipping charge.

Some of you may recognize this as a new change in policy, and I wanted to take a moment to explain why. For years we had a "no backorder" policy on everything, since we never knew how long it might take us to restock on any item. However, now that we've been able to start getting reliable weekly shipments of graphic novels, videos and Taiwan CDs, we decided to create this backorder system and not remove the out-of-stock items, as most of the items will now be out of stock for a much shorter period of time. This also helps us to devote more time to getting new items onto our website for you, instead of spending that time deleting those items off the site and then re-uploading them back on a week later!

Q: How long will can you hold this item for me?
A: If you have placed an order with us, we will hold your items for up to 10 days to give your payment enough time to reach us. Due to limited storage space (and to be fair to everyone else), we can't hold items for longer 10 days, or place items that have not been ordered on hold.

Q: I do not wish to submit my order through the web site, can I just print it out and mail it to you instead?
A: Absolutely! We will be happy to accept any orders through regular mail. The web order form is there so you can be assured that what you're ordering is in stock and will be held for you, but it's not essential.

Q: How long will it take me to receive my order once you receive the payment?
A: If all items are in stock, then it takes 1 - 5 days for most orders to be fully processed, packaged, and delivered to the post office. If an item is out of stock it may add an additional 3 - 15 days as we get it back in stock. All of our packages are then shipped via Priority Mail, which the postal service says reaches anywhere in the country in 2 - 3 days. States on the West Coast usually take a little longer(possibly up to 7 days). Orders paid for with a personal check may also take a few days longer.

Q: Do you ship to other countries besides the U.S.? If so, how much is shipping, and how do I pay?
Due to recent problems with credit card fraud, we can no longer ship any other country besides the US and Canada. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For Canadian orders, we would need payment in US funds, using either an international money order or bank check made out in US dollars, or with a credit card, which would convert the money automatically. The shipping rates are $8.00 for up to 2 pounds (which usually covers a few CDs, or 1 toy, or 1 T-shirt). If your order goes over 2 pounds, we will e-mail you back with the shipping rate.
Please note!! We have been informed that Canada may also charge you an additional customs tax when your package arrives. We have no control over this, or knowledge of how much it would cost.

Q: There's an item listed in the hard-copy catalog that isn't on the web site. Is it in stock?
In a case like that, the item has either sold out since the catalog was printed, or for some reason was not added to the web site. Feel free to E-mail us to find out for sure if it's available!

Q: What is your return policy?
A: If something has gone wrong with your order, we want to do our best to correct it! Here are our conditions for returns:

We will accept any item back if it is defective. Contact us first regarding the return; we will most likely ask you to send it back to us, and then replace the item with a non-defective one if it is available. In some cases, we may open the replacement first to make sure it is not suffering from the same defect before we ship it. If for some reason a replacement is no longer available, we will issue either a refund or credit. We will also refund (or credit) any return shipping costs for getting the defective item back to us, but only via Priority Mail or First Class Mail. We will NOT refund any mail sent by Express Mail or Fed Ex (or any other overnight service), so please do not use them.

If the item is not defective, we will only accept it back if it has been unopened (in the case of CDs, DVDs, videos, toys and wallscrolls). In the case of t-shirts, we will only accept it back if it is unwashed with all its original tags still attached. In cases where the item is not defective, we do not refund any shipping. Non-defective items can only be returned for store credit. If there is any reason to believe that the item has been in some way opened and resealed or otherwise tampered with, then no credit will be given and the item will not be returned. We apologize for having to be so strict about this, but unfortunately it has been made necessary.

Defective CDs and DVDs will only be replaced with the same item. Manga and other books can only be returned for a replacement if they are defective, and for the same item. All returns or exchanges need to be approved via e-mail first. Special "bonus" items (such as free trading cards or similar items) that are only included in first editions of DVDs and manga are not guaranteed, and do not count as defective-- those need to be taken up with the manufacturer. Thank you for your understanding.

Part 2: Merchandise

Q: Can you tell me what tracks are on this CD?
A: Usually most of the track titles are in Japanese to begin with, so we can't tell you even if we wanted to. Instead, we're now adding track listings to our CD descriptions. This way, if we know a track title, it will already be on our site. So if it's not already listed, then we don't know it.

Q: Hey, I know the titles of the songs on this CD that you don't have listed! Can you use them?
A: Yes! We would LOVE to share the information. Please be sure to tell us if you would like to be credited and have a mail link, or if you would prefer to remain annonymous.

Q: How come there are no Sailor Saturn Toys??? She's so cool!
A: A couple reasons combined... since she didn't appear in as many episodes as the other Sailor Senshi, less toys were made of her than were made of the other characters. But since she's so cool, everyone wants the toys that were made. So Low Supply + High Demand = No Sailor Saturn toys. In fact almost all Sailor Moon toys are discontinued at this point. :(

Part 3: Videos & DVDs

Q: Can you get DVDs from Japan?
A: No. We do not have a supplier for Japanese DVDs.

Q: Can you get discontinued DVDs?
A: Very rarely. It depends on our stock and our distributor's stock. Sometimes discontinued DVDs are available for a long time because our distributors have a large supply already made. Sometimes they become unavailable immediately after being discontinued. It's best to E-Mail us with any queries about discontinued merchandise.

Q: Do you carry VHS tapes?
A: No. There are very few if any VHS tapes being made for Anime any longer. Our suppliers no longer stock them so we no longer stock them.

Q: What are fansubs? Do you sell them?
A: Fansubs are videos that are subtitled by the fans and not by a professional company, and are usually only made when no US companies want to release the videos here. They are meant to be shared between fans and are intended to be non-profit. This means that we can't (and won't) sell them.

Where can I find some?
A: Well, the original idea of fansubs was that when the official American releases were made available, fans would replace their fansubs with the official versions. But we have found that in practice very few fans actually buy official releases once they have their fansubs so we are sorry to say that we can not guide you towards acquiring them.

Q: What about Chinese or Hong Kong DVDs? Do you sell them?
A: No. Many are like inferior quality fansubs with bad subtitles. Plus the DVDs are of bad quality and don't play in many cases. We only order and sell American made DVDs.

Part 4: Miscellaneous

Q: Can you send me any images of ____________? (Insert your favorite anime series here)
A: Sorry, we don't keep an image library. However you can find lots of cool anime pictures at the Anime Turnpike.

More questions & answers to come!

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